How To Join

Volunteers are needed everywhere in FIRST Robotics and there can never be too many. Thanks to these dedicated men and women, FIRST has been able to expand to the size it is today. Below are ways you can volunteer and be a part of our team.


FIRST Robotics is all about the students. ComBBAT21 offers oppurtunities on programing, marketing, web design & web developing, fabrication, graphics, CAD, Animations, public speaking, and so much more.

As a member of our team you must attend the team meetings and participate. There are many different task teams that you can join. We have the build team, which is responsible for manufacturing the mechanical parts of the robot such as the frame, propulsion system, pneumatic system, etc. The electronics team is responsible for assembling the electronics board for the robot as well as integrating that into the robots chassis. The programming team is responsible for writing a c++ program that the robot executes during the matches (including automated and human-controlled segments). The marketing team takes pictures or videos at the meetings and competitions and often cooperates with other task teams to distribute and utilize the media. They also design advertisements and other medias. The web-team yearly create a design from scracht for the website, they keep the news and the calendar updated, in order words they maintain the website.


Typically, Parents help to organize the fund-raisers, events, trips, etc. Parents can also guide a sub-team if they related to area of that sub-team.


The mentors are another very important group of people. They typically are people who work in the fields of engineering or science and help guide the students during the build process. Usually each task team will have a lead mentor that specializes in a field related to that task team. Being a mentor takes a lot dedication since you might be coming straight from your day job to the meetings.

  • For more information about how can you join our team, send us an e-mail by using the form in the Contact Us page.

  • If you want to become part of our team just come to the next meeting. Meetings are held at Astronaut High school room #132. Click here for more location details.